Business Development


Africa currently offers one of the best regions in the world for investment on a risk/reward basis, but trying to navigate and do business in individual African countries without specialized knowledge and contacts can be trying at best, and futile at worst.  That’s where Cargotts Consulting LLC comes in.  Our deep rooted relationships with private business leaders, and the heads of government (up to the federal level), in over a handful of African countries, allows us to provide unique and differentiating services to our clients including the following:

  • Securing Licenses
    • local & federal level of government
  • Procuring Contracts
    • private companies
    • non-profit organizations
      • hospitals
      • boarding schools
      • universities
    • federal and local governments
  • Helping To Negotiate & Advise On Deals/Contracts
    • schedule and arrange meetings for clients
    • attend meetings in Africa on behalf or with clients
    • serve as a “go-between” 
  • Performing Due Diligence
    • in person, “on the ground”
    • existing or potential partners & competitors
    • accessing business climate
  • Arranging Transportation & Security(when necessary)
    • experienced & knowledgeable guides/drivers
    • strict adherence to confidentiality of clients & locations
  • Educating On Culture & Traditions
    • country specific
    • business focused
    • detailed down to tribe (where applicable)

Cargotts Consulting LLC Caters To Clients In The Following Industries:

  • Mining & Drilling
  • Banking
  • Import/Export
  • Construction
  • Agriculture/Fishing
  • Cellular Towers
  • Waste Management/Recycling
  • Water Treatment
  • Energy/Electricity

To see how we can help you grow and achieve your goals in Africa!