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Investors Upbeat On Energy And Water Sectors
The recently concluded African Utility Week’s growth and success have been hailed as a reflection of confidence in the continent’s energy and water sectors.  A record 6,445 attendees were at the event held at the Cape Town International Conference Center from May 17-19. The event featured 250 exhibitors from 40 countries, 299 speakers...CLICK TO READ MORE

 African nations to seek ways of investing in Nile water
African water ministers and experts from ten Nile riparian countries are due to meet in Nairobi later this week to reactivate dialogue aimed at fostering sustainable utilization of shared waters, said a Wednesday statement from Kenya’s ministry of water. The first ever Investment Projects Conference of the Nile Basin Nations will bring together ten countries that make up the Nile Equatorial Lakes Basin – Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia, DR Congo, and Egypt…CLICK TO READ MORE

Why Can’t I Find A Cure For My TMJ?
Speak to someone suffering from TMJ/TMD and the first thing you will notice is a sense of frustration.  Why?  Because even after scouring the internet, and seeing the “best” doctors, they can’t come up with a cause for their TMJ/TMD, they don’t understand how all of their symptoms (i.e. jaw pain, ringing in their ears, etc.) are connected, the remedies their dentists and orofacial pain specialists have prescribed (and for which they paid hundreds, if not thousands of dollars out of pocket for), like custom splints, dental nightguards, and other devices, don’t work, their pain often gets worse after using the prescribed devices, and after enduring the pain, day after day, with no end in site, they are just worn out!  Who wouldn’t be frustrated?…CLICK TO READ MORE

The Source of Your Lower Back Pain May Surprise You!
If you, or someone you know, are suffering from lower back pain, chronic or otherwise, consider the mind-body connection, as a possible source, or cause, of the pain.  We all know there are a hundred and one ways to injure your back from a physical perspective.  Doing anything from lifting heavy objects, to playing sports, or even sleeping in a bad position can cause back pain.  But very few people know about, or understand, how a person’s conscious or subconscious mind can cause lower back pain…CLICK TO READ MORE

Africa in U.S.$12 Billion Energy Deal As Conservationists Raise Red Flag Over Dams
Africa was presented with its largest energy deal ever- a $12 billion package from the Africa Development Bank. Under the new deal, which was announced during the ADB’s annual meeting in Lusaka last week, which ran under the theme Energy and Climate Change, the bank will spend $12 billion over five years. In addition, the bank will leverage at least $40 billion from other private sector players, such as sovereign wealth funds, private equity funds and pension funds, to invest in the energy sector as it tries to meet one of the key components in its High Five development agenda…CLICK TO READ MORE

Partnership to Address Infrastructure Challenges in Africa
Three international firms have partnered to help address infrastructure challenges in Africa through investments in equity projects.The firms, General Electric Africa (GE), Mara Group and Atlas Merchant Capital, will invest in infrastructure projects including energy, rail, among others, in a quest to stimulate the continent’s economic potential through infrastructure development…CLICK TO READ MORE

Report: Israel Will Soon Have Too Much Office Space
Currently, there are between 23 and 25 million meters of office space in Israel, used by approximately 1.3 million workers. There is a need for more office space– about 1.1 million square meters over the next three years. The problem is that major office construction projects in recent years, especially in Tel Aviv, will be bringing over 2 million square meters of space on-line during that period– meaning that investors in commercial real estate will likely see their properties fetch much less money than they expected…CLICK TO READ MORE