The Cargotts Method of Meditation…

It Works!

"Wow thanks for sharing. Just tried it and intense tingles and numbness in my hands. Wonder what that’s about. Thank you again! Looking forward to doing this on a regular basis"
"Going to try this- 15 years of treating TMJ symptoms (incredible migraines etc.) has resulted in little gain-I'll let you know"
Chris Sharp
"Helped on first night- will keep it up- thanks for this"
Chris Sharp
"J.R. you deserve an award for making this video! I have tried massage, oils, acupuncture, appliances, everything, and nothing helped my clenching. So to be honest, I was skeptical, but THIS WORKS! I do the technique religiously before bed every night. I wake up pain free! I do clench during the day sometimes when I am very stressed, but overall this has made a huge difference in my life. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"
Beth Frost

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