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“Life Coach + Psychologist + Finance Manager + Health Advocate + Relationship Manager”



What Will A Life Strategist Do For Me?

At Cargotts Consulting, we will ask the right questions to clearly define your goals,¬†(if you don’t have them already), and then map out a blueprint, defined by actionable steps, that will allow you to¬†achieve those¬†goals. ¬†Unlike a life coach, who normally tries to draw out information along the way, and leads you on your journey (a process that can take a very long time), as a life strategist, we will “fast-track” you, by skipping the “self discovery”/trial and error process. ¬†We will enlighten you in certain circumstances, allowing you to figure out your own “right” answers, and at other times, we will provide the “right” answers to you.

What Will A Life Strategist Help Me With?

We can help you with most aspects of your life including the following:

  • Stress & Stress Management– identification and root cause analysis, coping skills, stress reduction, tension relief, physical pain relief- TMJ/TMD, Lower Back Pain.¬† **Our unique, specialized meditation method, known as “The Cargotts Method of Meditation”¬†has been¬†proven to relieve,¬†and in most¬†cases, eliminate nighttime clenching ¬†associated with¬†TMJ/TMD.
  • Relationships– love, finding love, marriage maintenance, immediate family, co-workers, bosses.
  • Money & Finances– saving, household budgeting, “shopaholics”, indebtedness.
  • Business Consulting– strategy, start-up ideas, marketing, culture.
  • Physical Well-Being– diet, exercise, meditation, yoga, fatigue, sleep problems, vitamins, supplements, illness, pains.
  • Mental Well-Being– spirituality, happiness, grieving, depression, religion.
  • Individualized, Private Instruction & Coaching on The Cargotts Method of Meditation.
How Many Meetings Will I Need To Achieve My Goal(s)?

For some clients, all they need is one meeting! ¬†In that time, they either get clarity on a particular issue (perhaps we allow them to see things in a “different light”), or, in some cases,¬†they get an answer, or an actionable step that allows for resolution or a solution to whatever problem they are having- no follow-up necessary.¬†Other clients require several meetings in order for us to dynamically adjust their blue prints for success, as their circumstances, and situations, change throughout their daily, weekly, and monthly lives.

Where Are My Meetings Held?

Meetings are available over the phone, Zoom, Facebook, or through Skype (and some other video conferencing apps), for face-to-face meetings. It is entirely up to the client. These formats allow us to take on clients across the country, and across the world, in whatever setting is most conducive for the client- i.e. at their home, office, or while travelling.  In the time it would normally take clients to commute back and forth to an office setting, clients can conclude an entire meeting (saving them time and the costs/frustrations normally associated with commuting).

What Is A Complimentary, Introduction Meeting?

Complimentary meetings last approximately 20 minutes and are used as a discovery period.  We will try to get a firm understanding of what area(s) of your life you would like to work on, or what specific problem(s) you are trying to solve, or what goal(s) you are trying to achieve.  We will be forward, and honest, in letting you know whether or not we can help you, and if Cargotts is the right fit for you.  If we determine that Cargotts Consulting LLC is a good fit, we will explain why, and provide an estimate, if possible, (in terms of the number of follow-up meetings necessary), of how long we think it will take to help you achieve your desired outcome.  If we determine that we can not help you, we will let you know, at no cost to you.  OUR goal is to help others and maintain a 100% success rate. Therefore, we are selective and honest with our clients.

How Do I Pay For Meetings?

Payments are made directly through PayPal, via a credit card, or a PayPal account.  An invoice will be e-mailed to you ahead of the meeting, and payment is due prior to the meeting.  All cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance.  Any cancellation made within 24 hours of the scheduled meeting time is subject to a $75.00 USD cancellation charge.

*Please note that these meetings are not covered by your insurance company, Medicaid, Medicare, or the NHS.


Cargotts Consulting LLC, and its employees, have a strict policy of not disclosing, confirming, or denying, the names, or personal information, of clients, unless legally compelled to do so under court order, or instructed to do so, in writing, by the client.

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